Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So far so good.

This is Lucy, most of the time:

No, she's not playing dead. Just very mellow. Similar to newborns, she seems to get a little punchy around dinner time, but that generally consists of a little nipping and whimpering as she tries to find the most suitable place to lounge. And unlike a newborn who always wants to be held, I think Lucy gets a little put off if she is resting and you come over to be with her. She like her space - and I respect that!

I am waiting for the other foot to drop. You know how babies seem to change just as soon as you thought you figured them out. I'm wondering if puppies do that too??

I am also hoping my house does not start to smell like wet dog. That might upset me. But I'm afraid to wash her stuff for fear it will wash the scent of the things that have become familiar to her. I'm thinking she's got a few more days before I have to fumigate.

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