Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sign of the times

I know the economy has taken a downward spiral over the past year and all but there have been a few recent announcements that are kind of freaking me out:

First, there is talk of closing the Franklin Park Zoo. For those non-local people who may actually read this, this is basically the only zoo in Boston. Can you imagine not having a zoo to take your kids too, especially given that this is a major metropolitan area? It's not that I frequent the zoo all that often, maybe once a year, but with kids and all, you'd like to at least think its an option. There other zoos, in RI and another in Western MA, but this is the zoo most Bostonians think about when they think, ZOO.

Second, one of the local major radio stations is call it quits. Not a station I listen to, but still.......

Third, a local bridal shop that has been an institution of sorts for the past 40 years is also closing its doors. In fact, I went to this bridal shop 12 years ago, after getting engaged. I didn't buy anything but it sure was an experience. Almost a right of passage.

This is getting a little scary. It's not as if these are major, life altering changes that will impact my everyday, but they are staples that have existed around me and if they could go, who knows what might be next. D00DuDooDuDooDu.....(That was supposed to be the Jaws theme....not sure if came through in print.)

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