Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kindergarten blues

My baby had his kindergarten screening yesterday. He got himself all dress-up for his "meeting." It was very cute. Unlike with Sweet Pea, I had no worries about him not wanting to go with the teacher for his "meeting." I think because of her, he is pretty comfortable with the school and the whole idea of going there. For Sweet Pea, it was so new for all of us.

I was however, slightly concerned he might act a bit like a nut ball and am getting increasingly more concerned he will be something of a class clown.

As we were getting ready to go, I made a few comments about how he needed to act like a big boy, not be too silly and listen to their words. I didn't want to stress him out about it so that's pretty much all I said.

He insisted on bringing with him a small toy gorilla. I have no idea why. This toy is of no significance to him. As we were walking into the school he was playing with the gorilla and I asked, "What does a gorilla say?" Thinking this may be a question they ask him if he walks in there with that. And he said, "I"m going to kick your butt." Great. I'm sure the teachers will LOVE that response. Luck for me, he managed to leave his gorilla with me while he met with the teacher.

All went well. Of course they tell you nothing from these "meetings" but my theory, in this case, is no news is good news!

Ironically, the most difficult part of the whole event was returning him to his pre-K school after his screening. He stood in the corner of the hallway screaming and crying (no joke), refusing to go into the classroom. The very same classroom he has been in for nearly a year now. He said he was scared and did not want to go in. I really wanted to be sympathetic, knowing this was clearly some sort of delayed anxiety about the morning and kindergarten in general, but in the moment all I could think was WTF!

I finally managed to peel him off me and made a quick run for the door shouting out how much I love him and would see him later. I am told he made a very quick recovery after I left - which I new he would.

I'm starting to think the stress of starting at a new school, not to mention starting at a new camp before then, could make for a very LONG summer.

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