Monday, May 11, 2009

I am just now getting around to writing about my mother's day. (I know the date above says Monday, but I didn't post this until today, Thursday. I can't seem to figure out how to fix that??) Any how, Unlike last year, this was the kind of mother's day I was hoping for.

It started out with some coffee delivered to me in bed. Followed by a very delicious (yet not so healthy breakfast) at our favorite breakfast spot. We had to wait a bit longer then usually to get in but it was worth it. Think chocolate chip pancakes, eggs benedict, and bacon. I didn't eat all of the above but I had my share of some of all the above, because it was mother's day and I deserved it!

Our not-so-light-breakfast was followed by a (mostly) fun-filled family bike ride. We figured after stuffing our faces silly, we'd need the exercise. We biked for a hour or so on a great local bike trail. Well, most of us did. JJ rode on the back of Jonathan's bike. Not because he is too little to ride on his own but because he is too lazy. Do you think those baby seats are meant for a 5 year old? I think not. Nevertheless it did afford us more riding time so I was not inclined to fight it.

We rode by horses and farms, and even a family of ducklings. It was fun until Sweet Pea decided she could not possible go any further and had to be done. We managed to get back to the car, but not before stopping ever two feet and me falling off my bike as I tried to abruptly stop before crashing into her after her abrupt stop. Fortunately, there were no seriously injuries. Though I did almost kill Jonathan who decided to ride on up ahead and totally missed our near death collision. I mean I could have been seriously injured with nobody around to help me, except Sweet Pea who was very alarmed by my fall and screamed, "Mommy, Mommy! Are you okay." Nothing worse than seeing your own mom fall on her face. But because it was mother's day and I was intent on having a lovely time, I sucked it up, got back on my bike and didn't say anything to Jonathan. Of course I didn't have to because Sweet Pea, our town crier, gave him the play by play. I did show him my minor injuries and he did appear sufficiently sympathetic so that was enough for me.

We spent most the afternoon doing nothing - which was exactly what I wanted to do. Other than baking Brownie Pudding (read for more details of this), I sat on my butt for quite an extended period of time.

And then we embarked upon what I think may be the best mother's day dinner yet. I know my family wants me to document this infamous meal so here was the menu:

Our starters:
  • Cheese platter
  • Cape Cod potato chips (this was put out for the kids, but lets face, it - we all love the potato chip. And as my mom tells my children, its a health food, being a vegetable and all.
  • Homemade rollizonies (one with artichoke and pancetta and the other one with Italian meats).
Our main course:
  • Homemade grilled pizzas. We had one with tuna sashimi and a wasabi sauce. The other with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. Delicious!
  • Avocado salad - light and refreshing.
  • Juniors Cheesecake
  • Homemade Brownie Pudding which was TO DIE FOR. I had not made this before and it is now my new favorite dessert. If you like fudgy brownies and the inside of a molten chocolate cake, this is the perfect dessert for you. And very easy to make. I highly recommend it, especially if you don't mind eating a bazillion calories in one sitting. But that's what mother's day is for!
  • Ice Cream (because the brownie pudding wasn't fattening enough on it own.)
It was perfect. Excellent cuisine that left us more than satisfied but not a big heavy meal leaving you overly full with no room left for dessert. As if that were possible.

When we got home, the kids were exhausted and passed out in record time, which in and of itself makes for a great mother's day.

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