Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lucy went to the vet today. She has conjunctivitis. Not the kind we think of - not contagious, just from allergies, etc. She also has vaginitis. (I'll spare you the details.) We kind of new she had it but there's nothing you can do about it. Apparently it goes away once they are spayed. I asked the vet if all her ailments were a little unusual. The vet assured me, she is quite normal and this is just par for the course with a puppy. All I can say is I can glad we got pet insurance. Although it's really not that helpful unless you mail in the claim forms which I cannot seem to remember to do.

I am so not liking this homework thing, and its not even MY homework. I'm having flash backs to school when I could feel the weight of the homework hanging over my head. Ironically, they seem unfazed by it. I think that's a good think. I think.

I have taken to paying my son to eat dinner. It seems to be working. He could be a very rich man some day.

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