Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deep thoughts

As all parents know the bed time hour can get a little hairy. Lots of running around (by the kids), lots of screaming (by the parents), because everyone has had enough, and we'll we're just tired and cranky. Makes for some lovely quality time.

However, my kids are on to something. They have taken to providing Jonathan and I with back and foot massages before they go to bed. Yes - that's right. They are give US massages. Just when you think you might be screwing up the parenting thing, your kids go do something like this and you realize you must be doing something right. After all, this is the way it SHOULD be.

I realize their actions are an effort to prolong going to bed. This is not lost on me. But those are some smart kids. I would NEVER turn down a massage - not at the end of a long day.

Jonathan and I lie side by side on our bed and they take turns - first Sweet Pea gives me a massage, and JJ gives one to Jonathan. Then they switch. Last night Sweet Pea was even helping Jason master the foot massage a bit - sharing with him her technique. And she's good!

It the event your thinking we might be taking advantage of our children, let me assure you how this lends to some serious quality time and discussion. Take last night for example:

Abby had unhooked my bra strap so she could get the full range of motion over my back. A few minutes later Jason says, "Mommy, why do women wear bras."

"So their breasts don't sag." I replied. Nothing like the truth.

"No really." He said. And then as if a light bulb went on over his head, he added, "I know why. They wear them so their breast don't smell. No wait, it must be to keep them warm."

I think amid my uncontrollable laughter I managed to say, "Yes, you might be right."

So you see, we have some very deep conversation from which I am sure our children are benefiting from greatly.

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