Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five times

This is the number of times I was at the school yesterday. FIVE TIMES. First time to drop them off. Second time for a room parent meeting. (Serves me right - I should have said no when I had the chance.) Third time to pick up JJ at noon. Fourth time to bring JJ back for his assessment with his teacher. And finally, the fifth time, to pick up Sweet Pea. I mean really, what if I were still working? Could they make these schedules any less friendly for working parents?

Which brings me to the next issue....a possible PT job may be on the horizon. I wish I could say I was happy about this but just when I start to get into some kind of routine with the kids....WHAM changes again. I know I should feel grateful - there are many out of working looking for work. But I FINALLY do not HAVE to work so I am having a little trouble motivating. Not to mention I still feel I am looking for that "perfect" career. You know, the one I can do from home when the kids are at school but still make lots of money. Not too much to ask for, right?

At any rate, seems like the job might take some time to materialize so I am trying to enjoy my time while I have it. In fact, I think I've decided we need to move and we should put our house on the market now. We had planned to wait until spring but who knows how long it could take to sell and I hope to able to buy in the spring. Hence the need to sell. The time it may take to get our house into "showing" form will require my full attention so might as well get on it now. Of course every time I look around the house for where to start, I feel so overwhelmed I just sit back down. I guess I'm going to have to get over that.

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