Friday, August 6, 2010

Some addictions are definately worse than others

I am addicted to looking for jobs. I may even enjoy this more than I would actually working in any of these jobs. It's like the ultimate challenge - to find the perfect fit. Not just for me, but for anyone I know looking for a job.

My favorite place to look? Craigslist. There are some very decent postings there and I don't think it gets as wide of an audience as some other more advertised sites. I am, however, a little frustrated that some people who post there think they can get away with paying a lower rate then if they advertised elsewhere. Just this morning I saw a part-time attorney position. The rate? $15-$17, depending on experience. My first reaction was: Are you kidding me? I could baby sit and make more money than that. In fact that is what I pay my baby sitter! My second reaction: What experience warrants getting $17 over $15? I mean really....

If I could just figure out how to make a career out of job searching, I'd be on to something. Some may call that "Recruiting" but I don't want to work for the companies. I'd much rather find people jobs. And you can't really ask people who are unemployed to PAY YOU to find them a job. Right?

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