Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today, you can call me Goldilocks

I am having one of those days, when nothings seems not quite right and I am easily annoyed by pretty much.....everything. For example:
  • Starbucks. How do they get away with charging so freaking much for their beverages? I ordered a medium iced mocha (decaf) with skim milk. It cost $4 something. FOUR DOLLARS for a medium drink. Half of which is ice. And it tasted like chocolate milk. Not sure there was even any coffee in there. I am so done with them.
  • I didn't get a job that I had pretty much forgotten I applied for, that I didn't want anyways and would have turned down if offered to me. But still.........
  • There is a fuse in our house that keeps blowing, even when nothing is on. Not sure what to do with that one. Call an electrician I guess.
  • Cannot think of what to make for dinner that does not require much cooking, that everyone will eat, and will be satisfying enough so as not to want to eat a sleeve of Oreo's for dessert. I think they call it "take out."
  • Cannot sit outside - too hot. Go inside - too cold.
Yup. Goldilocks.

1 comment:

Anjali said...

Request "light ice" at Starbucks. They give you less, so you get more drink.