Wednesday, May 7, 2008

She's a poet - and I didn't even know it!

Yesterday I took the kids to the playground. I sat on the bench while they skipped around from one structure to the next, because you know, it was HOT. Not that I’m complaining or anything – I’m just saying.

Anyways, Sweet Pea came over to me at one point, and we had the following conversation:

Her: “You know I’m a poet?”

Me: “Really?”

Her: “See like a scientist would look at that tree over there and see leaves. But a poet would look at it and see a big green balloon.”

Me: “Um. That’s very interesting. Do you know what a poet is?”

Her: Silence….(I think she thinks she has just explained it to me and she does not understand why I don’t get it.)

Me: “A poet is someone who writes poems.”

Her: “Well there are two kinds of poets.”

Me: “Ahhhhh.”

And she’s not wrong. I mean, I know what she was trying to say, even if she did not quite put it into words. I thought it was very insightful. It will be so interesting to see what she decides to be when she grows up. She is very creative and artistic – something I am not, but also logical and systematic – which I tend to be. Put the two together and I guess that explains why she’s such a pistol!

JJ missed the conversation. He was too busy telling anyone on the playground who would listen about his super powers. He has already declared he will be Spiderman when he grows up. I wonder if one needs to attend college to become Spiderman? Think of all the money we could save!

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Jen said...

Hi - I stumbled onto your blog after reading your comment on WIM about mother envy, and I've enjoyed reading some of your entries. And apparently I also have TUI...who knew? I will definitely enjoy telling my husband that I have an actual *syndrome* the next time I rush through a meal...Jen