Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Milestone

Yesterday was a big day. Sweet Pea lost her first tooth! It fell out at school and the Nurse gave her this little tooth treasure box to carry home her little baby tooth.

She was so excited, as we were driving home from school she said, “Am I dreaming or did I really loose my tooth.”

The Tooth Fairy left her this very nice letter:

The Tooth Fairy
1 Fairy Lane

Dear Abby,

Congratulations on loosing your first tooth! Loosing your first tooth is a very exciting and special event. For that reason, here is $5 for you. I did receive your letter requesting new markers, but I thought you might enjoy picking them out yourself. So use this money for your new markers, or something else of your choice. Ask your parents to take you shopping some time soon.

Congratulations again and I look forward to more visits in the near future.

Love and Fairly Dust,

The Tooth Fairy

Yes, I know it says, "Fairly Dust," not "Fairy Dust." I guess even the tooth fairy makes typos.

And I know $5 seems like a lot, but you know it was the first tooth - and markers ain't cheap these days.

I've been a mom for just about 6 1/2 years, but for some reason becoming the "Tooth Faily" was one of those truly defining moments for me when you know you are REALLY a parent now. Like a formal initiation into parenthood or something - in case all the poopy diapers, throw-up and whining were not enough to make you feel legit.

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