Monday, October 17, 2011

Too little too late

I wrote this several months ago:

"I've not been writing here in awhile, but have to break back in after something Jason said to me yesterday.
After a hectic (albeit very beautiful fall weekend), Jason wandered into my bed after already being tucked into bed, and after giving that look of, "Why of you out of bed?" he said,"


Then I got side tracked. I guess. And never finished the sentence. I have NO idea what he said. I thought so much of it at the time, that I clearly wanted to write it down and now have NO recollection of what it was. How can that be??

It occurs to me now why I started this blog: So I could remember certain things that I never wanted to forget.  Of course I thought I they were things that I would want to remember in 10 years.....not recent history.  I must be getting old:( 

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