Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not to harp on this not working thing but....

Sweet Pea keeps asking me what I do all day and I simply do not think I need to validate myself to my 8 year old! She was particularly irritated the other day when it was raining and she asked why she had to go to school. She actually does not understand why, or how, she can be expected to go school when it is raining out. It is an outrage to her. Why, she says, does she have to go to school when I can stay home all day and do "nothing." That's right - "nothing." She thinks I do nothing all day. What I want to know is, does she think this because I used to work and now I am not, so therefore I am doing nothing? Do kids whose moms have always stayed home think their moms do "nothing?" That cannot be.

On another note, JJ is growing by the day. I swear every morning he wakes up bigger than he was when he went to bed. I see him curled on the ground, unable to move or get dressed as he should be doing, and cannot believe how big he looks.

Despite his growth, he continues to be the lazy human known to man. For months now Jonathan and I have been a little concerned he is not quite reading yet. Sweet Pea was an early reader so though I know the range of normal is VERY large, our perception is slightly skewed because of her. Every night he wants us to read to him and really not all that interested in giving it a go himself. Then the other day in the car, he started reading signs out loud: "School Bus", "Do not enter", "Open", "Closed". I was shocked. The boy can in fact read and simply just chooses not to because why read himself when we can do it for him. I do not know why I am so shocked. This is the same boy who I took to the doctor when he was a baby convinced he had some muscular disease because he was not climbing steps or even feeding himself. Turns out - perfectly healthy, just plain lazy! And least some things never change.

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