Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My daughter is obsessed with technology - primarily the computer, and e-mail in particular. She wants to check her e-mail ALL the time. Not only that, she is constantly organizing her e-mail. She has files for every person she corresponds with. They are color coordinated! I am telling you, she could teach classes to people about the ins and outs of managing your gmail account. Have I mentioned she is 8?

I know I am partiality to blame. We constantly have the computer out and we too are often checking our e-mail or on the Internet. The fact is, its our source of information - ALL information. We read the paper on-line so we are constantly staring at the computer. I know this does not set a good example, but I found myself having a hard timing setting time perimeters for her, and myself for that matter.

We recently banned her from the computer in the morning. And then I decided a 1/2 hour a night was sufficient. But I am finding it a little hard to stick to. The fact is she so enjoys writing and this is an outlet for her - maybe even a bit therapeutic. Especially since we moved, there are lots of people she genuinely wants to keep in touch with. She e-mails her old teacher, her teacher's aid, her friends. Even a few boys who she would never have admitted to being friends with at school. Their conversations are so cute. (We can read all her e-mail so its not like I am worried she is doing anything wrong. Sweet Pea may be many things but she is, at least for the moment very much a rule follower. Lord help us if, dare I say WHEN, that changes.)

I think I may have to approach this like a diet - moderation.

Coincidentally, I just stumbled upon this article. Good to know there are at least some redeeming values to all this screen time.

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