Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 2

Ice cream on the beach from the ice cream truck,

and sunset at the harbor:

In other vacation related news, we are creating a list of "new foods" for JJ to try while on vacation since his current diet consists of chicken nuggets, hot dogs and pizza. Oh, and ice cream LOTS of ice cream. On the list so far: grilled cheese (he's crazy I know); strawberry ice cream - not a new food, but a new flavor. In an effort to make this exercise fun we let him throw in a few "junk" items; an egg, yes that's right my sons never had an egg. And its not because we haven't offered it, about a million times.

Yesterday he had the grilled cheese and strawberry ice cream. He liked them both. Of course he ate all of the ice cream, and about three bits of the grilled cheese. I think he might be out smarting us on this one. UPDATE: Tonight he had grilled cheese and bacon! He ate the whole thing. There is hope for him yet. You know what they say, "Bacon makes it better baby!"

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