Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bed time snacks: BEWARE

You know how annoying it is when one of your kids is getting ready for bed or even in bed already, and they whine, "I'm hungry..." And though your parental instinct tell you to let the kid go hungry because either:

a) They aren't really hungry and are just tying to stall or;
b) They need to learn that if you're hungry, you best eat your dinner because there will be no bed time snack,

You instead, are a sucker and allow your child to help herself to a cheese stick and then get back into bed.

The problem with giving in to this demand, aside from the fact you have already been played a fool, is that your child may not close the refrigerator door all the way, and it will not be until morning that someone discovers this. And you will then have to throw away ALL the food (HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OF FOOD) and spend your afternoon shopping, AGAIN for MORE food. Not to mention the 7AM trip to the dump to throw away all the spoiled food.

Yep. Uh ha. You better believe there will be no more bed time snacks in our house.

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