Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pierced Ears

Sweet Pea got her ears pierced on Saturday. No, we had not been talking about it for a while. No, she had not really expressed an interested in getting them pierced before this very morning. She simple walked in the house Saturday morning after returning from a brief trip to the bakery with her Dad and said, "I want to get my ears pierced today." Completely out of the blue.

I figured there was no point in making her wait. I was five when I got my ears pierced. And if she got there and changed her mind, so be it. Why really wait a few days, just to have the extra time to THINK about how much it might hurt. She seemed determined. And when she is determined, there's no getting out if it.

So off we went that afternoon with my mom, aunt and cousin, because after all this is kind of a big deal for a little girl, despite the fact we had absolutely no build up to it. We got to the mall and found our way to the store. She hopped up on to the chair, picked her earrings (first the gaudy, huge diamond looking earrings, and then the more appropriate little flower earrings), I had to sign away her life and, wham bam, she had pierced ears. She barely flinched. I was so proud. Not necessarily because she got her ears pierced. Frankly, this was never something I gave much thought to, but because she set her mind to something and she followed through.

She then proceeded to drag me through the mall from one teeny bopper store to the next, as I whined, "Can we LEAVE yet???" (Now she knows how it feels!) I have quite the shopper on my hand! And I can honestly say, this, she did not get from me. The whining....well that's a different story.

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