Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Potty Training Hell

JJ is in to his 3rd day of potty training. We yanked the diaps cold turkey, except for nap and bedtime of course. Our daycare basically took the lead and said they would be dedicating a week to each child in the class who is not yet potty trained, in preparation for preschool. This is JJ's week. Since we had not been pushing the issue at home, and okay, perhaps secretly dreading and avoiding it, because you know, he is still my baby....this was the push we needed. And hey, if they want to potty train him, I'm all for that.

Now that we are in the throws of it, I have to keep reminding myself that this is a process and not something that will happen overnight. But I'm starting to think this could take awhile. We have made some progress. On day one he did not even want to sit on the potty. Now he sits, (is not into standing at all), but not so thrilled about the idea of actually peeing on the potty. And in fact, will wait until he is off the potty to actually pee. He did poop last night on the potty, but I'm pretty sure that was purely an accident on his part. Though it did buy him a second dessert as a reward for all his hard work.

Sweet Pea trained much more easily. She pretty much trained herself at 2 and 1/2, despite the fact JJ had just been born. Other than a few snags with the pooping, I don't remember it being such a stressful experience as this. Though it is entirely possible I just blocked it out and I can only hope this too will one day be a distant and vague memory. There aren't many things I feel like Sweet Pea did early than JJ, and if fact, somethings he did much earlier, like talk. But potty training seems to be different. Maybe that's because as a mom, I can't totally identify with his peeing process, if you can call it that. (Or perhaps, referring to the first paragraph of this post, he has sensed my avoidance. Yes, I know, I am so smart like that.) Jonathan has tried to encourage him, man to man, (okay, man to 3 year old), and he likes the camaraderie, but still not so into the actual pee part.

We've tried the reward system, and it does work for him, as least at getting him to sit on the potty. Incidentally this did not work for Sweet Pea who is far too stubborn to be "bought." JJ just cannot relax enough while on the potty to just let it out. I find this a little ironic because he's my laid back, easy going child. Or so I thought.

And just to confuse him further, he'll be in a swim diaper most of the day today at daycare while they play in the kiddie pools. Because you know those diapers do SO much. But at least I won't be sent home with another days worth of pishy clothing to wash!

When I picked JJ up at daycare I was told he pooped and peed several time in the potty. Since yesterday morning he has only had one accident. Yeah.....success!!!! I feel bad now having complained...after only three days with no diaps, he's doing pretty darn good!

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